Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Featured Vendor - Salt Marsh Pottery

Based out of Darmouth, MA, Salt Marsh Pottery, owned by Betsy Powel creates wonderful baby print keepsakes.

Capture those tiny hands and feet before time slips away! Betsy and her crew will be taking impressions at the show! She will then take that impression back to the shop, finish it and ship the finished piece to you. This is the best way to capture and preserve a fleeting moment in the child's life. So many people tell them, "After the kids, this is the first thing I'd grab in a fire!"

Be sure to make your appointment for this day! Call Betsy at 1-800-859-5028.
Salt Marsh Pottery also specializes in bowls, trays, trivets, plates, signs, candle/wine holders and much more!

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