Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Featured Vendor - Lia Sophia / Beth Bourque

My first experience with lia sophia was during a bridal expo a few years back. I had attended the expo with my bridesmaids as I was planning for my wedding. Of course the jewelry was unbelievably beautiful and as the advisor talked to us about the advantages of being a hostess my cousin booked a show for the very next month. The show was a huge success, we all loved the jewelry and spending time with girlfriends made the evening that much more enjoyable! Once we learned what the advisor was making in profit for that one night it was a no brainer that my cousin sign up and be an advisor herself.

A few years went by in my life and being a wife turned into being a mother. All the while watching my cousin build an amazing business! I thought about joining a few times but the time just never seemed right. Then my son came along. I then decided the timing was perfect. I do have an amazing career as an Interior Designer but after my son’s birth full time work was emotionally draining. I missed him immensely and the cost of full time day care was taking its toll on our young family. That’s when I decided the timing was perfect to make the jump from a loyal lia sophia customer to a part time advisor!

Now I am working part time at my firm during the week and hosting just one show a weekend. It’s amazing that now I am in control of my own schedule. I have more time to spend with my family and I’m still earning the same salary for sharing my love for jewelry with wonderful people! I'm in control of my time and my income, I wear beautiful jewelry, and I'm helping others, too. Whether is just feeling great about yourself wearing fantastic jewelry or becoming and advisor yourself, lia sophia has changed my life and I hope it can change yours too!"

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