Thursday, February 18, 2010

Featured Vendor - The Learning Experience, Milford

The Learning Experience® is a premier child development center in Milford, MA. Just a few minutes from major highway 495 and Route 109, it is conveniently located at the intersection of East Main Street (Route 16) and Fortune Boulevard.

The center enjoys an excellent reputation for providing children the finest care and education in a warm and nurturing environment. We take pride in maintaining the most clean and secure setting for child care and education. We offer care to children ages six weeks to six years. Our highly qualified staff has several years of relevant education and experience in child care and child development.

TLE curriculum is a theme based program providing age appropriate activities that foster and strengthen your child’s developmental needs. We have a structured yet fun and exciting environment. Our unparalleled curriculum at The Learning Experience® includes a unique interactive program called L.E.A.P (Learning Experience Academic Program). L.E.A.P. provides our children the opportunity to develop core academic skills so essential for later success. This includes hands on science, math, music, and art. Also taught at our state of the art center is technology. Children fluent in technology will be one step ahead of the rest. It includes computer, photography, how to properly use the telephone, television and a wealth of knowledge in other related subjects.

One of the most exciting things about our center is our proprietary Fun With Phonics® early reading program. This past year a study of all children attending TLE across the nation, found that well over 90% of our children were reading by age 4 years. This is the best gift we can give to our children. They are fully prepared to enter Kindergarten and first grade when they graduate from our center.

Our programs start with very young infants. At TLE we teach sign language to all of our children starting with the babies. Research has proven that babies who learn signing can have IQ’s as much as 12 points higher than those who do not. In addition to all this, one of the favorite go to spots around here is another special learning area called Make Believe Boulevard®. In this area our children learn socialization skills. They love to dress up in the costumes and role play in the various shops of the Boulevard.

Open year round from 6:30am to 6:30pm, The Learning Experience® at Milford is perfect for the best overall development for children and their working parents. Many non-working parents have enrolled their children at our center, as they believe that our program is the premier in childhood learning and development.

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